Geochemical and Geophysical Laboratory Services

The Geochemical and Petrophysical Laboratory was set up in 1992 with the main purpose of helping the exploration efforts of National Oil by providing laboratory analytical services. These services were to be provided both for in-house requirements as well as for oil companies and other clients especially in the East African region.

The laboratory is specialized in basic geochemical screening using TOC determination and Rock Pyrolysis using SR Analyser to assess source rock potential and characteristics. We also perform porosity and permeability measurements for reservoir characterization. Oil extraction and the study of the extracts using GC method is also performed as well as measurements of Oil API gravity.

We specialize in the following petroleum exploration analyses;

  • Preparation of drill cuttings, cores and outcrop samples for laboratory analyses using slabbing saw, drill press, cutter/shaping machine, chipmunk/pulveriser and acid treatment for removal of inorganic carbonate from samples analysed for organic carbon.
  • Geochemical screening analyses comprising of lithological description of samples and contaminants through naked eye and binocular microscope views.
  • Source richness; Total Organic Carbon (TOC) measurement using Leco TOC instrument, source potential, maturity and kerogen type measurements using SR-Analyzer instrument (equivalent to Rock - Eval), detection of oil in drill cuttings, cores and outcrop samples using a UV fluoroscope and determination of the chemical composition of hydrocarbon shows using Gas Chromatography.
  • Geochemical follow-up analyses are achieved through extraction of oil from potential source and reservoir rocks using either the retort, soxhlet or dean stark distillation apparatus. Oils extracted from source and reservoir rocks are separated into whole oil components, saturated, aromatic and asphaltene components using liquid chromatography. Concentration of the extracted oil components (aliquots) is archived using a nitrogen evaporator. These oil components are then subjected to gas chromatography for their fingerprint chromatograms using a Varian 3400 GC instrument. Specific gravity determination is done using hydrometers and S.G bottles

We invite clients, institutions and individual experts interested in our services to contact us.