Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

National Oil launched its SupaGas brand of cooking gas into the Kenyan market in 2008. Since then, SupaGas has grown to become a leading brand in the country commanding a sizeable market share.

We sell SupaGas to our retail customers in the standard 6kg, 13kg and 50kg cylinders and for our commercial customers, we supply them in bulk. SupaGas is available to our retail customers at our service and appointed distributors including leading supermarkets.

Towards the end of 2011, National Oil introduced into the Kenyan market a 3kg cylinder. Plans are underway to have these cylinders available to the consumer. The introduction of the smallest cylinder in the market is part of a broad strategy ensure that LPG is affordable to a majority of Kenyans unable to afford the standard cylinder sizes.

In November 2011, National Oil comissioned a mini LPG plant at its Nairobi National Terminal situated in Industrial Area. The state-of- the-art filling plant is the first of its kind in the country and is capable of filling quantities of even 1kg into existing cylinders.

The launch of the filling plant was a plus to the SupaGas brand which until then relied on hospitality filling arrangements which could not sustain the growing market. Now with the new facility, National Oil is filling its own cylinders. Plans are afoot to install several of these mini plants in different parts of the country.

Going forward, National Oil aims at growing SupaGas market to reach market leadership position. Also, we have plans to venture into the export market.

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