Conditions For Lease/Purchase Of Service Station Or Land For Station Development

Here are our requirements for lease or purchase of existing service stations or land for station development. The Corporations’ first priority is to purchase land in Kenya and will only lease land located in major cities such as Nairobi. Our leases are for a minimum term of fifteen (15) years.

Your offer should include the following information:

  1. Full details of the indicative lease price/rent.
  2. Full details of selling party (parties) which should include as a minim um full names, postal address and code, email address, telephone and physical address. Where agents are involved, the same details of the selling agent(s) or owner’s legal representative(s) shall be submitted including authorisation to act as such agent(s).
  3. Details of the size of the land in acres or hectares and developments thereon.
  4. Details of the location of the service station or land.
  5. Scaled drawing showing the accessibility and distance from the nearest trunk or access roads which should be clearly labelled with names and lengths.
  6. Clean title and free of all encumbrances
  7. If leasehold, the lease must have a minimum residual term of at least 50 years on the title.
  8. Willingness to lease the service station for a minimum term of 15 years out of which rent is payable 1 year in advance
  9. Service Station must currently be pumping 70m3 and above.

Your offer should be supported by clear copies of:

  1. Identification Card or Passport or Certificate of Incorporation.
  2. PIN Certificate
  3. VAT Certificate (where applicable)
  4. Grant or Title Deed or Certificate of Title or Certificate of Lease and or any other title documentation.
  5. Survey plan or Registry Index Map
  6. Deed Plan
  7. Approvekjhkd drawings
  8. Commercial user endorsement on title document preferably Petrol Service Station(PSS)
  9. Current Rates Clearance Certificate (where applicable)
  10. Current Land Rent Clearance Certificate (where applicable)
  11. Land Control Board authorisation for sub-divisions or change of use (where applicable).
  12. Ministry of Roads/Kenya Power & Lighting Company/Kenya Railways Clearance Certificate
  13. NEMA Audit Report/Certification
  14. Compliance Certificate

Your offer and all accompanying documents should be submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed to:
Chief Executive Officer
National Oil Corporation of Kenya
AON Minet House, 7th Floor
P.O. Box 58567-00200

For clarification please contact the Head of Procurement by email: